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BBA in Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance and Risk Management primarily deals with the study of assessment of financial impact of events that may occur in the world of customers, which is required to be settled by insurer. It is also the study of control of any risk that a business organization might face, whether financial, technical, natural or health-based.Risk management plans are never finished. They must be revised periodically because risk, risk control, and risk transfer methods change constantly and Insurance is one of many tools available to the management to enforce such control.

It is said that each journey begins with a first step. In risk management the first step is identifying the risks or hazards that might damage property or result in injury to people, business or property.

The program BBA in Insurance and Risk Management successfully integrates the relevant knowledge base from finance to quantitative analysis. It educates you on the legal, social and institutional environments related to the occurred losses. Themodules are designed to take you through business risks in financial and insurance services. With huge opportunities in the financial services industry and the increasing need for risk-assessing experts in both general and life insurance segment, it is imperative to groom professionals.